2018 Homer Solar Tour

2018 Homer Solar Tours – July 7

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If you would like to help the Homer Solar Tour this year Please contact us as info@alaskasolartour.org

To attend, Please read the Public Etiquette Page, grab a bunch of friends into one car,
and drive around visiting sites during the times they are open on this self guided tour
Though this is a self guided tour there will be someone at most sites to show you around and answer questions

Thanks and have fun!


HOMER Tour Schedule

Armstrong-Barnwell Home

– 14 photovoltaic panels, with an output of 295 watts/panel. Total output: 4.13 Kwh. Panels oriented due south, mounted flat on roof. Production since installation has averaged approximately 480 Kwh/month.,/p>
– House is rectangular shape, north half is dug into hill, most of glazing on south side, for “passive solar” type design.

Dean Family Farm and Art Studios

– Solar thermal / Wood boiler combi-system
– KOB Pyromat Eco, indoor wood boiler features an oxygen sensor in exhaust flue.
– Large, ground mounted solar thermal array consisting of 12 flat plate collectors & 224 evacuated tubes mounted on a rack built from salvaged steel and insulated with salvaged materials.
– Automatic array shade for overheat protection and maintenance.
– 150’ long insulated underground supply and return piping, with a heat loss less than 1º in winter, was built using salvaged insulation materials.
– Innovative, double primary loop hydronic design allows boiler and solar to work in tandem, or independently, in several different modes for the most efficient operation.
– Custom system controller uses 1-wire technology.
– Custom controller software was written using the Panorama database program and features a graphic display of system with pipes that change color with fluid temperature.
– Variable speed pumps throughout, featuring software controlled flow limits to prevent pipe corrosion during high temperature operation.
– Homemade, variable area heat exchanger valves allow for efficient flat plate heat exchanger operation at flows between 1 and 18 gpm.
– Flat plate collector bypass valve allows for 30 – 45 minutes of extra production from evacuated tube collectors at end of day.
– Heat exchanger frost protection bypass valve and Jaga low H2O radiators.
– 1100 gallon, under floor, heat storage tanks feature horizontal stratification.
– Covered firewood storage with tip through, wall mounted wood box.
– Winch operated laundry drying rack; Solatube skylights; And more…

Downey-Garity residence

– 19 panel roof mount system.

Fireweed Ridge Spirited Energy Ventures

– Solar thermal – 20 panel array with 7000 gallon storage heats the home and provides most domestic hot water 9 months/year
– PV array solar fence 7.56 Kw array on angled pilings. Ground mount system sufficient to power heat pumps.
– Strawbale home.

Loopy Lupine

– 4,200 watt solar panel array on roof, grid tie.
– Passive solar air heating walls facing south- intake air from near floor, sun warms chamber, warm air exits near ceiling.
– Hay bale walls on original building; clay/sand plaster on bales; pallet sub-floor for reduced cement usage; local spruce flooring and siding.

Pat & Kathy Irwin’s House

– 1.6 KWH ground mount system
– 800 sq/ft small energy efficient house w/ energy efficient appliances.

Sam Means’ House

– Solar hot water flat plate Buderus panels and natural gas

Tom and Sandy Early

– Five 255 Watt fixed solar panels with micro inverters installed on garage roof.
– No batteries but tied into HEA panel.
– Installation done myself except for final power tie in with HEA panel which was completed by certified electrician.
– I can access up-to-date energy production information through the Enlighten website.
– Thus far, they are maintenance free and as of today have produced 3.08 MWh in the 2 1/2 years of operation. At this moment I am producing 1.08 KW or about 216 W per panel.

Sustainable Homer

– Two solar PV grid-intertied systems, one on a tracker, one on the roof.
– Solar thermal evacuated tube system
– Green roof, energy efficiency measures in the house/span>



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