Alaska Solar Tour is a loosely structured but passionate group of people organized to shared successful renewable energy projects local to their community around Alaska. There is no formal corporate backing, it is just people helping people, and all participate at their own risk.

To do so in safe respectful manner there are many forms of Etiquette that happen during the course of a day in a solar tour. To be apart of our solar tour one is expected to act in a respectful responsible save friendly manner following all guidelines. To see etiquette’s for different roles involved please see guidelines of each.

Public Etiquette

Alaska Solar Tour Public Participation Etiquette If you will be attending this years Alaska Solar Tour please read the tour etiquette for the Public’s Expectations and Responsibilities found here. Please only visit Tour homes or building sites during the tour day and hours specified by the local host (some sites may have limited hours and …

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Solar Tour Host Etiquette

As a Solar Tour Host Site helper, you are there to help distribute and share information about the host site system(s) presented to you buy the solar tour site host owner/operator. Help the site host owner any way that you can. And help direct visitors where the owner has asked you to, helping answer any …

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Solar Tour Site Owner Etiquette

As a Solar Tour Site Owner your most important job is to enjoy yourself as you share what you have done with others. In doing so the public can expect that all areas that you are allowing them to be is interesting with valuable information on how you did it and why, and reasonable save. …

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