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Public Etiquette

Alaska Solar Tour Public Participation Etiquette

If you will be attending this years tour, please read the tour etiquette for the Public’s Expectations and Responsibilities below. Please remember we have been cordially invited into local homes & businesses, so please be careful, respectful, and responsible:

Please only visit Tour sites during the tour day and hours specified by the local host.

Please, if the site indicates “Outside viewing only” please do not go onto the property.

Please follow all laws, park safely & legally, and treat persons and property respectfully.

Kids are welcome if they are able to behave in a proper manner; service animals too.

Please do not smoke or litter on the tour sites. Remove footwear if asked when entering a home.

Please be careful. Anyone accessing sites on the roof, or by ladder, stairs, stepladder, stool, or other method does so solely at their own risk. Visitors assume full responsibility for their behavior or actions. Tour hosts or related parties will not be held liable for any injury, fatality, damage or property loss that may occur.

Please expect guides, installers, and representatives who staff tour sites to answer questions to the best of their ability & conduct the tour in a manner appropriate to our educational mission.

Please be assured in the event of inclement weather the tour will still go on, though individual property owners may opt to limit access to site areas or close entirely, in which case we wouldn’t be able to warn you.

Please remember neither, community members, installers, Alaska Solar Tour, or ASES, nor any sponsor endorses specific technologies, companies, products, or methods presented during this tour, even though they might offer suggestions to questions.


Please enjoy yourself and contact us at the email above for any questions or comments.

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