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Solar Tour Site Owner Etiquette

As an ALASKA SOLAR TOUR SITE OWNER your most important job is to enjoy yourself as you share your story of what you have done with others on the tour.

In doing so the public can expect that all areas that you are allowing them to be in is interesting with valuable information on how you did it and why, what the reasonable savings are, and lessons you learned.

And that if there is any place you do not want the public to go that you will let them know and have it clearly marked with signs, roped off, or locked. And you can expect them to follow it, as you will be busy giving the tour; hopefully along with your installer to help answer specific technical questions about the site. They are usually glad to help, because it helps them showcase to potential customers their quality of work and how friendly they are to work with.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call your Community Alaska Solar Tour Host.


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