UAF Bristol Bay Campus

The UAF Bristol Bay Campus is one site on the tour shown above. Starting in 2009 they developed several sustainable energy projects. The 4 kW PV solar system was installed in the fall of 2009 and has been helping to lower the campus’ usage of diesel powered electricity. Students of a construction trades technology program are helping to build an experimental, extremely energy efficient structure largely based on the Passive House Standard. The small building will be almost entirely heated by passive solar gain, and heat produced by bodies, lights and a computer. There is also a small wind turbine on the campus with a battery system used for educational purposes, an electric car built by students and a bicycle generator which utilizes pedal power to charge students’ laptops. Info about the latest project please contact UAF Bristol Bay Campus.


Past Dillingham Solar Tours

2013 Dillingham Home Energy Tour Program
2011 Alaska Solar Tour -Statewide
2010 Alaska Solar Tour -Statewide

Dillingham in the News

Connect with Local Solar Leaders, by Gina R Johnson, Solar Tour Today October 5, 2013 page 36

Tightest Residential Building

Video March 11, 2013 Certified World Record Academy confirmed Tightest Residential Building
View at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aQ9XtKW6Ck
for More information about this house visit:
For more information about the sustainable energy program at the UAF Bristol Bay Campus:

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